Industrial chimney reparation and maintenance

Ferbeck accompanies the cycle lifetime of existing concrete or steel industrial chimneys.
Our deep knowledge of materials (carbon or stainless steel; concrete, refractories or composite materials) and our experience on your installation enable Ferbeck to offer comprehensive solutions to implement safety works, compliance works or to execute maintenance and repair works.

Maintenance represents about 50% of Ferbeck’s activity, showing our willingness to built sustainable relationships with our clients and partners.

Safety and Compliance Works

Strictly following-up Safety and environmental norms updates for chimneys, Ferbeck offers taylor-made solutions to execute safety and compliance works

Steel, Concrete and refractories repair works

Thanks to its wide experience, Ferbeck has a unique know-how for partial or complete bricks liners refurbishment, with strong references.

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To ensure mechanical stability and the safety of installation, we execute maintenance and repair works on concrete chimneys.

Our specialists in metal works will carry-out inner liner installation or replacement, and implement any fumes inlet or sampling ports modification or maintenance.

Stack extensions

To optimize CAPEX due to process change or norms compliance, Ferbeck owns the design experience and installation know-how to increase existing chimneys height.

In addition to the strict compliance of pollution dispersion and ejection speed, our design office will confirm chimney stability with Finite Element Analysis.

On-site, works are implemented with a full compliance of safety rules and a specific attention to existing environment.


Ferbeck can implement safety works or can dismantle out of age chimneys or unstable industrial chimneys.

Depending on chimney’s construction material, different solutions can be implemented to guarantee the chimney dismantling, complying with state-of-the-art methods.

Industrial waste are sorted, packed and when possible, valorized.