Truly customer-orientated since its creation, Ferbeck offers a strong and seamless support along all the phases of a project to its customers with EPC contracts type.

Ferbeck has the experience, the know-how and the skilled resources to commit to support its partners for the Engineering, the Procurement and the Erection of industrial chimneys worldwide.


Communication is a key-factor to anticipate, plan and for continuous improvement.
Febreck aims to communicate efficiently and with transparency with all stakeholders.


Calculation skills and norms knowledge

The fine knowledge of Norms and Eurocodes allows our Design Office an safe and optimized design of industrial chimneys.

To support our worldwide partners, our engineers will study local codes and norms to design industrial chimneys complying with current standards.


A Network of partners

For a comprehensive offer of design, procurement and erection, Ferbeck signed strong partnerships with specialists for acoustic treatment, for aeraulics and design of dynamic dampers.


Succes key factor

Procurement and its management a key of succes for a project, as it guarantees « due-time » deliveries of qualitative equipment and materials.



For worldwide operations, Ferbeck develops specific partnerships with local suppliers and workshop to enhance reactivity and costs.

Ferbeck has high qualified subcontractors in Europe, Asia and America.


Qualifications subcontractors

Considering a continuous-improvement process, it appears natural for Ferbeck to qualify its subcontractors on a regular basis.

Our QHSE dept. audits our partners to ensure their performance, either on technical, qualitative and financial aspects.

This approach permits Ferbeck to offer solution with highly reliable partners.


Manufacturing inspections

During manufacturing stages, inspections are regularly performed at the workshops of our partners.
Inspection reports and eventual non-conformity are traced and considered within supplier qualification process.


Safety First

Ensure the safety of the installations and the persons working in is the very first priority of our on-site crews.

All our personnal are entitled of N1, N2, R1 and R2 certifications, to access any industrial site (nuclear, chemical, oil & gas…).

Most of our site-crew are certified as first-aid rescue workers

Some of our operators are qualified and certified climbers


Specialised workforce

Our on-site crews are specialized for industrial chimney erection : welders, masons, mechanichs..

Their combined skilled and know-how allows a quality offer for any type of chimney (steel, concrete, bricks..)


Customers satisfaction

The installation on-site is the last image engraved by the end-users : it has to be safe, efficient and showing a high quality service.

In addition to safety management and ensuring successful execution, site managers and foremen communicate on a daily basis with clients for a transparent progress report of activities.