The Group

Based in Portugal since 1978, LIZMONTAGENS THERMAL TECHNOLOGIES group concentrates its know-how on three main activities: Installation of refractory materials (bricks, concrete, fiber), Erection of furnaces and design, supply and erection of industrial chimneys.

Your projects are Our projects

International Leader In Industrial Chimneys For Industries

Specialized subsidiaries
M€ turnover over 5 continents
Years of industrial successes

Group missions

  • Provide a highest-level of service in the installation of refractory and industrial chimney
  • Guarantee a quick and flexible answer on a global scale
  • Promote the skills of contributors by their excellence in methodology and technology
  • Guarantee the health and safety of all the stakeholders

An international footprint

With an international footprint over 4 continents, The Group gathers numerous local and specialized subsidiaries for design, manufacture and erection of refractory materials and project management

Excellence operational

Solid professional method, extended industrial relation network, high- performance characteristics, in a sustainable mindset are the means to promote the excellence of execution of our contracts.

Activity sectors

Specialist globally recognized for the installation of thermic treatment furnaces, Lizmontagens Thermal Technologies Group is active on a wide range of industrial applications

Initially created to support the development of main industrial actors of steel, cement, ceramic and glass, the Group has been able to diversify its activity to reinforce its presence in the chemistry/petrochemistry, electricity producer, the incineration of domestic wastes or even industrial waste management.


  • The certification ISO9001 is a requirement from the Group towards all its subsidiaries
  • Experienced human resources
  • Customer-orientated site-crews to execute repair works projects up to complete Green/Brown field projects.
  • Multicultural and reactive teams linked with local networks to give the most adapted solutions.
  • A strong experience in management international projects
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