QSSE Policy

At Ferbeck we aim to satisfy our partners & customers, remaining in a leading position for industrial chimneys project.
Our mission is to preserve the most valuable asset in the company: our workforce


QHSE Certifications renewed on 2023
Customer satisfaction rate
Accident or professional illness (2019-2021)

Direction word

QHSE policy is founded on ethic, economic and legal principles where team safety-proactivity and dedication is encouraged and feedback considered.

Targets to implement the QHSE process are set at all company level, results are analyzed, and communicated for a complete adhesion of all our teams.

The implementation of these management principles is the success key and I ask to each Ferbeck Industrial Chimneys collaborators’ and subcontractors to commit on my side to be an actor of the progress.

The adhesion of all is a must towards continuous improvement of our solutions, of our safety, competitiveness to maintain our position.

Prevention and risk management

Prevention and risk management « Health – Safety – Environment – process management » aims to improve works conditions, prevent accidents, preserve the environment and the quality of execution.

Quality Services

Quality is at the heart of our works at each stage of a project, from the project definition or RFQ, up to the customers’ feedback when execution is completed.

We focus on the quality of our works on each steps of the project to be in an improvement process, since commercial instructions until the feedback at its finalization.
The maintain know-how and professional skills are among the main target of Human resources department.

Health – Safety – Environment

Our quality/prevention culture  is based on 2 main approaches:

– The implementation of the management system adapted to handle the health, safety and environment risks related to our activities, “0 accident” target with our without sick leave.

– The prevention of contamination risk and the reduction of the industrial waste by recycling solution.

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