FERBECK INDUSTRIAL CHIMNEYS head-office is based in France, Paris Area FERBECK is composed of a 10 sedentary co-workers in 350m2 premises.

This team is reinforced by 20 site-workers.

FERBECK’ head office features a preparation workshop, an inside/outside storage area and a 3000m2 loading zone accessible for trucks.

Ours departments

3000 m²
Office, preparation workshop and storage area

Design and Engineering office

Composed of calculation engineers, industrial designers and design engineers, our design office designs the chimney based on applicable norms and specific local conditions.
For the conception of an industrial chimney, our design office executes iterative calculations to identify the most optimized solution corresponding to the customer requirements and needs.

Calculations are governed by applicable norms (EN-13084, Eurocodes, local standards…) used as guide-lines and completed by specific conditions of each installation (location, fluid, temperature, environmental constraints…)

Project engineering

At Ferbeck’s, we are convinced that a close collaboration with our customers and partners is a key success factor.

To maintain this proximity, the sales & execution team supports their clients from the definition of a project up to its successful implementation.

Versatile and solution-orientated, the project engineering team will be able to provide technical, innovative and competitive solutions while being accountable for Cost-Quality-Schedule follow-up

On-Site Works Department

Led by Works Director, the On-site Works department gathers 60% of Ferbeck workforce, represents the Ferbeck’s technical know-how on site.

20+ Foremens, Site managers, Team managers and operators certified N2, R1, R2 and very high heights works, to access any industrial site. An average of 12-years’ experience working in France and oversea.

Specialized workforce, Ferbeck has the know-how and capacity to intervene on all types of chimneys: bricks, concrete and steel.

Logistic & Works preparation

For an optimized reactivity, 2 full-time collaborators manage the workshop and stock for the preparation of the works, ensuring the repairing, maintenance and compliance of equipment.

Administrative Support

Supporting the organization, administrative assistant coordinates operational project management (procurement & invoicing) and site-crew follow-up.

Quality Health Safety and Environment

QHSE Dpt. defines and implements the quality & risk prevention policy within the organization and ensures satisfaction of stakeholders.

Renewal of the certifications, audits and inspections of subcontractors and on-site audits, are within department scope.

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Support Services

Financial, administrative, social and legal support for French & International Operations is provided by Group shared resources.

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