To propose a comprehensive offer regarding fumes exhaust systems, Ferbeck will design supply and install complex waste gas ducts network.

Solutions are designed to optimize fume exhaust, limiting pressure losses and minimizing the area footprint within existing environment. Our designers will integrate any energy recuperator systems.

Optimize design

Deep knowledge of norms and customer needs and expectations, will drive our engineering teams to design exhaust systems considering preventive maintenance operations.

Choice of structural and insulation materials aims to enhance ducts lifetime in normal production conditions.

AS integrator, our engineering teams will embed within exhaust networks design any safety equipment, expansion bellows, dampers for controlled fumes exhaust.

Welded steel assemblies, connected with bolted flanges or welded on site, duct networks are designed to exhaust any nature of waste gas (air, combustion waste gas, chemical treatment…)

Nude of insulated to limit condensation issues, FIC-Krno offer high structural resistance and anticorrosion properties.

Modular ducts, single skin or insulated, FIC-Modul are design for an eased erection and optimized cost.

Depending the nature of fumes, FIC-Modul can be made of carbon or stainless steel and connected with flanges or fitted into each other.

FERBECK garantee

Our knowledge of steel grades and refractory materials and the strict compliance with actual norms, are supporting Ferbeck to deliver state of the art installations on green and brown fields.